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At St Benet’s the reading and phonics programme that we use is Read, Write, Inc (for children in the early years and Key Stage 1). The children in Key Stage 2 use Accelerated Reader to assist them with their home reading books and free/supported reading in school. Further information about Accelerated Reader can be found here:

Accelerated Reader letter for parents January 2023

At St Benet’s we love Read Write Inc  (Reception  and  Key  Stage  One)

Read Write Inc., developed by Ruth Miskin, is a fantastic and systematic approach to teaching English and has been specially developed to teach children how to read and write as well as develop their speaking and listening, comprehension, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.

As the Read Write Inc and English co-ordinator, I enjoy teaching children and supporting our amazing Early Years and Key Stage 1 staff with this incredible English scheme.

Children are introduced to Fred Frog in the early years and begin to learn their letter sounds in a fun and entertaining way, which enables them to blend simple phonemes into words, before they move onto reading and blending more complex letter blends which they then use in their writing.

Each day in the Early Years and Key Stage 1, children take part in fast-paced and fun structured phonics, spelling and English lessons, building upon sounds work, paired guided reading and writing activities, which help get every child reading fast with building fluency, expression and resulting confidence. This in turn leads to a sound understanding of different text types, genres for reading and writing, and the ability to excel in other core and Foundation subjects in the Primary curriculum.

Staff deliver a super programme with writing activities which are linked to the storybooks at every level, as well as handwriting activities. They include many structured activities such as ‘Build a sentence’ to help children become better writers which is important as the new curriculum aims to enable children to: “acquire a wide vocabulary,’ to “write accurately”, and to “write clearly and coherently, adapting language and style in a range of contexts, purposes and audiences”.

At St Benet’s, we enjoy teaching Read Write Inc so much that it is hard to imagine teaching phonics in any other way! The principles of the scheme are firmly embedded within the school and children regularly make progress in their reading and writing in an often exciting way as their knowledge and confidence develops.

Below are examples of writing done by a Year 1 child on entry in September, then some additional writing from the same child towards the end of Year 1:

before                                   after

-As you can see, super progress indeed!

In a nut shell, our phonics teaching is thoroughly and carefully planned within a super structure with colourful and thought-provoking resources, delivered on a daily basis by enthusiastic and dedicated members of staff. We regularly celebrate the achievements of the children and their excitement and determination to continue in their learning is rewarding, encouraging and a privilege to be a part of!

Mrs. Bissell (English Curriculum Leader)

KS1 Reading Family Learning 2020

Effective Questions for Reading for parents to use at home


Early Years Reading Spine

Please click on the following information below to find out about the reading spine that has been carefully selected in our Early Years classrooms.

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