International Links with Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Connecting Classrooms Trip February/March 2018

As part of the International Award Accreditation St Benet’s has earned, we are fortunate enough to have built an engaging link with a school in the Northern region of Sri Lanka. Thanks to strong communication between both schools, Mr Rooney and Miss Harper were able to visit St Henry’s School in Jaffna, Sri Lanka in February 2018.

The trip itself allowed Mr Rooney and Miss Harper to professionally develop their teaching and learning strategies, by working with children of all ages in an entirely different culture and environment. As part of the link between schools, we share a project aim called ‘Zero Waste’ which we both aim to improve and develop in both of our schools, through child-led initiatives and a greater understanding about how we can look after our local environment. Mr Rooney and Miss Harper worked with lots of hard-working children in our partner school, where it was clear they had a great deal of happiness and a huge love for learning as well as an eagerness to battle for zero waste in their school and local environment.

Professionally, Mr Rooney and Miss Harper worked closely with Miss Jo Jesy who is our main contact from St Henry’s, Jaffna. As the week progressed, Mr Rooney and Miss Harper were able to work closely with the Rector and Vice Rector of St Henry’s to discuss the aims they have for their school, as well as working alongside many class teachers across the school.

Through the British Council, the link St Benet’s has with St Henry’s allows us to maintain strong communication between staff, but to also develop communications between children of both schools. We are looking forward to inviting staff – including Miss Jo Jesy – from St Henry’s to visit our wonderful school in the very near future.

A link to our partner school can be found below: