SEN Transition

Transition is a part of life for all learners, whether it is moving to a new class, key stage or to a new school. We recognise that moving on can be difficult for children, especially for those with SEND. Consequently, we work closely with parents/carers, children, staff, agency workers and specialist transition workers to ensure transitions work as smoothly as possible.

We liaise closely with Staff when receiving and transferring children to different schools ensuring all relevant paperwork is passed on and all needs are discussed and understood. If your child has complex needs and has an Education Health and Care Plan, then a review will be used as a transition meeting during which we will invite staff from both schools to attend and any other relevant professionals.

Planning for transitions within school will take place in the summer term review meetings. We begin consideration of transition for SEND children as early as the summer term of Y5 to ensure adequate time for planning and preparation.

During Year Six, information agreed with parents/carers will be shared with the Transition worker and SENCO of the receiving school. This information will outline the needs and support that has proved effective. Children visit their new school during the summer term of Year Six; extra days/visits are arranged if we will it is helpful for some children. Staff from the secondary school also visit the children here.

How we support children/young people with SEN moving between classes in our school 

  • Transition from each year group within school is supported so that the children have met with their new teachers and are familiar with the new classroom environment and organisation
  • Information will be passed on to the new class teacher in advance and in most cases, a planning meeting will take place with the new teacher. All Pupil Profiles / EHCP will be shared with the new teacher
  • Information and Pupil Profiles will be shared to ensure continued learning
  • He/she will meet the teacher
  • You will be invited to meet with the new teacher before or soon after the move takes place.
  • All classes take part in ‘swap up sessions’. This allows children to spend time with their new class and class teacher, before September. SEND children have additional times in their new classes, to reduce any concerns they have regarding the change.

How we support children/young people with SEN leaving our school

Children with SEND are given an extensive level of support before they leave for their new school. We work closely with parents to help this be as smooth a transition as possible. When children are preparing to leave us for a new school, typically to go to Secondary education, we arrange additional visits.  

  • When a secondary school has been allocated to the child, parents are fully involved and consulted at all stages of the transition process
  • If it is felt appropriate, secondary school colleagues will attend Annual Reviews to meet the current class teacher, parents and most importantly the pupil.
  • Children moving to secondary school will visit their new school on several occasions and in many cases staff from the new school will visit your child in this school
  • Your child will do focused learning about aspects of transition to support their understanding of the changes ahead