How children with SEN engage in all activities?

We enable all children to engage fully in all aspects of school life. To do this, we:

  • Ensure that all children with SEN are fully included in all activities of the school in order to promote the highest levels of achievement.
  • Ensure that all pupils have access to the school curriculum and all school activities.
  • Ensure every child has the entitlement to a sense of achievement.

At St Benet’s we believe in participation and equality for all of our pupils and we will do our utmost to ensure all pupils achieve their potential. We promote independence for all learners and we ensure that all children have respect for others and the privilege of education, whilst becoming lifelong learners, well equipped for the future.

We achieve this by providing an excellent and inspirational education through a welcoming, safe, happy and supportive ethos. We strive to provide a positive and stimulating environment, enhancing learning for all, regardless of ability, race or gender. We aim to work together with our parent/carers, staff, governors and children for the benefit of all members of our school.

Please refer to the schools Equality Policy, which you can find in the School Policies section of our website.