Home Learning Reception

Outline of work from Monday 6th July until Friday 17th July

Reception Summer Term 2 – Week 6&7

All About Me

Bees in the garden halving sheet

Ladybird doubles sheet

‘Zig-zag’ Letter Formation Sheet


Outline of work from Monday 22nd June until Friday 3rd July 

Reception Summer Term 2 – Week 4&5

‘Down’ Letter Formation Sheet part 1

‘Down’ Letter Formation Sheet part 2

Early Years Home Learning – Universal Church


Reception Summer Term 2 – week 2-3 Outline of Work from Monday 8th June to Friday 19th June

Early Years Home Learning and Background Notes for Parents

Around’ Letter Formation Sheet

‘Curly’ Letter Formation Sheet

Number 1 Tracing Sheet

Number 2 Tracing Sheet

Number 3 Tracing Sheet

Number 4 Tracing Sheet

Number 5 Tracing Sheet

Number 6 Tracing Sheet

Number 7 Tracing Sheet

Number 8 Tracing Sheet

Number 9 Tracing Sheet

Number 10 Tracing Sheet




Reception Summer Term Week 5 & 6Outline of Work from Monday 18th May to Friday 5th June 

Gods Story 2 – Pg 84-85 (1)

RE Reception W1 and W2


Reception   Outline of Work from Monday 4th May to Friday 15th May 

Red Words

RWI St 1 & 2 Sounds

Reception RE Good News 2



Reception Summer Term Weeks 1 & 2 (20th April – 1st May)

Reception RE Resource to support learning




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